Art No.40-820:


Technology is moving forward faster and faster. It is our confession to use this progress by incorporating it in our protective clothing to benefit your safety.

Novotex-Isomat offers the RFID/NFC chip as equipment or retrofit kit for digitalising NTi® suits. This is sewn in behind the NTi®-LOGO and can be read using commercially available RFID readers or NFC capable devices such as mobile phones.

Article Description

The "digital laundry chamber" can be obtained as standardised equipment with our premium NTi® Model 2 product or as a retrofit kit with our premium NTi® Model 1 product.

Protective clothing worn by emergency personnel needs to be cleaned gently and regularly re-impregnated in order to maintain its protective function. The detailed traceability of the operational clothing (also the equipment) with regard to care etc. can therefore be documented easily and processed without any great effort.

Care instructions are available directly in digital form on the NTi® garment thanks to the latest Dual Visible technology, while the history is constantly available thanks to RFID/NFC! Track sorting and washing cycles with RFID/UHF and shorten your logistical paths!

Standards/dimension tables/declarations of conformity

textile standards
vibration HQS 701ff***
BS EN ISO 15797***
IEC 68.2.6, 6g
14-200hz 3 axis 8h/axis

Care instructions

The RFID/NFC retrofit set is sewn in behind the logo of the NTi® article and can therefore be washed with the NTi® garment following the washing instructions!

  • washing: gentle cycle at a maximum temperature of 60°C, normal mechanics, normal rinsing, normal spinning
  • bleaching: DO NOT bleach with chlorine! Do NOT use fabric softener!
  • drying: drying with reduced thermal stress
  • ironing: iron at moderate heat at 150°C (2 points) to refresh the outer fabric's water and dirt-repellent finish. DO NOT iron over the reflective stripes!
  • dry cleaning: gentle cleaning with perchlorethylene