NTi® - 112 Model 2 - protective pants

NTi®-112 Model 2 Premium firefighter overgarment according to EN 469:2020 Section 6.2.6 (Visibility) + Levels X2/Y2/Z2 aims to provide the highest possible protection for firefighters.

  • Excellent permanent after-wash appearance, only very slight amount of bleeding or fibrillation of the outer fabric
  • High visibility of the body contours in dark and light surroundings
    "3 -in-1 reflective piping" means: fluorescent, retro-reflective
    and luminescent function (even without lighting)

  • Dot structure on the outer fabric provides for individual, attractive design,
    "3 in 1 reflective piping", etc.

  • Re-impregnation only required after 40 washes, i.e. no impairment
    of the membrane and inner lining property after washing.
    Wash-resistant FC finish (Power Shell impregnation)

  • High tear resistance
  • Perfect fit
  • Safety vest exemption according to DGUV
  • The HuPF stripes on the NTi® Jacket 112-200 complies with
    the trouser comply with EN 469:2020, Section 6.2.6 (Visibility)

  • Reflective tape based on HuPF Part 1 + 4
  • Protection against germs and bacteria according to BS EN ISO 22610 + 22612
  • Protection against viruses according to BS ISO 16604
  • High breathability - RET 12.7 P/W
  • RFID/NFC chip, position of each behind the NTi logo

Upper material:


Upper material colour variants: